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Privacy policy: Times Tables Game

Privacy policy of Times Tables Game (iPad/iPhone/iPod). (Last modified: October  2015) We respect your privacy. The Times Tables Game stores certain information local (on the device). A subset of this information may be uploaded to our server and visible to other users of this app. The information stored and/or shared is limited. Upload/sharing information is […]

The start of Times Tables GameHoe het Reken Tafel Spel begon

Our oldest daughter (7 years) is in group 4, which means that the tables have to be learned. I used to recite them aloud in class. But my impression is that this is not so anymore. At least not at a Montessori school. Approximately every two weeks the kids have as a times tables test. The first one […]

Scoring system of Times Tables GameScore systeem van Reken Tafels Spel

Among the latest improvement of the Times Tables Game is the scoring system. For correct answer up to 10 points may be awarded. The exact amounts of points depends on the difficulty of the multiplication, wether the table is shuffled or not, and the time needed to answer correctly. Per correct answer the points are […]