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Practice the Times Tables

Times Tables Game (Multiplication) is a fun way for children…

Privacy policy: Times Tables Game

Privacy policy of Times Tables Game (Android). (Last modified:…

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Our oldest daughter (7 years) is in group 4, which means that…

Scoring system of Times Tables GameScore systeem van Reken Tafels Spel

Among the latest improvement of the Times Tables Game is the…

Privacy policy: Times Tables Game

Privacy policy of Times Tables Game (Android).

(Last modified: June 30th, 2013)
We respect your privacy.
The Times Tables Game stores certain information local (on the device). A subset of this information may be uploaded to our server and visible to other users of this app.
The information stored and/or shared is limited.
Upload/sharing information is optional. Uploading/sharing can be disabled via app’s settings.

The information stored local on the device
Name and birthday of each player submitted in-game is stored local on the device. A device and player id is randomly generated.
Game statistics such as scores, the tables played, the amount of plays per table, times (response time), (in)correct answers are stored locally on the device.
The data stored locally can be removed, and will be removed when deleting the app.

Highscore, playername and age (not birthday), and a time stamp are downloaded form the server.

High score, player name, age (but not birthday), and device/playerid are uploaded to the server for the high score (hall of fame) listings.
Play-statistics such as correct/false answers, response time, including scrambled device/playerid, age (but not birthday), are uploaded to the server to create a report. This is optional.

No disclosure to other parties
We do not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer to outside parties your personally (identifiable) information. However, non-personally identifiable may be used to generate statistical information, e.g. a general progress report of players. But never for marketing, advertising, or other commercial uses.

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